Life Reusing Posidonia: the book

Project book of Life Reusing Posidonia is available.

144 pages with original texts of IBAVI architects. It is also available in printed edition in Palma (Manuel Azaña, 9 street) or you can download the .PDF file here.


Life Reusing Posidonia is Environmental Governance project from LIFE Program which has consisted of the construction of 14 social dwellings at Sant Ferran (Formentera). This book helps us to explain the origin and development of the project.

Marc Pons, IBAVI president and Minister of Territory, Energy and Mobility at Government of the Balearic Islands, explain that we must enhancing our cultural tradition whilst promoting greater energy efficiency and the use of eclogical technologies because it helps to maintain and care for our natural resources.

Joan Groizard, Director General of Energy and Climate Change at Government of the Balearic Islands explain the opportunities offered by these regions as potential “laboratories” make island territories the perfect place to lead efforts to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts. This project demonstrates that the Mediterranean has the resources and the climate needed to significantly reduce energy consumption, both during the process of building houses and during their subsequent use.

Project goals are developed in this book; new production and consumption models; self-sufficiency, resources map and traditional architecture; the prototype of 14 social dwellings in Sant Ferran; the selection of the most representative materials; management of the entire water cycle; waste management; prototype monitoring and, above all, conclusions and recommendations done by competent authorities about climate change, regarding materials, CO2 and thermal comfort.

For instance:

  1. For wood products from outside the EU, an FSC or PEFC forest management label should be required as a condition for being used in public works
  2. For all products made on an industrial scale, both in the EU and abroad, product traceability should be required at all ex- traction, manufacturing and distribution stages.
  3. A CO2 emissions ceiling should be estab- lished for construction industries.
  4. Make known traditional materials.

Life Reusing Posidonia book is written in both Catalan, Spanish and English.