Prototype construction
It consists on a social housing development which is able to reach the proposed goals, especially the reduction of the CO₂ emissions to 300Kg / m² during construction of the works. Embodied emissions will be calculated on the finally built project by the beneficiary partner, from own studies, BEDEC bank, and studies already developed by “Societat Orgànica” Consulting ltd. The chosen solutions on this project have been selected among the best options in each case.

Prototype monitoring
Tests and relevant studies will be developed to check the achievement of the objectives in order to work as example to the European Community. Once construction is completed, the tasks of monitoring the building will be carried out from July 2, 2016 until January 31, 2017.

1. Measurement of power consumption of inhabited dwellings.
2. Measurement and control of consumption of biomass.
3. Measurement of temperature and humidity in indoor type 2 households
4. Monitoring indoor temperatures, breezes speed, humidity, and magnitude of electromagnetic fields.

Comunication dissemination
Social awareness actions are also very important part of this project, to ensure a long-term projection of the goals and proposed outcomes.

The broadcast should reach all sectors of society, in order to achieve the claiming of a change at the building sector by the users.