14 Social housing project at Sant Ferran

Bioclimatic and construction solutions
All the windows are protected from the summer heat by porches, pergolas with vines and bamboo rolls or larch wood blinds. To protect themselves from the cold of winter, some have inner wooden doors and others have low- emissive glass U: 1.6.

White fishing nets have been provided to the facade to facilitate the growth of climbing plants, reducing solar radiation by more than 90 % in areas where they developed.

The passive climate control is supported by a centralized 90kW biomass boiler which also produces the ACS. Each home has individual exchangers Termobox M.

Under the ground floor terraces are arranged rainwater tanks for watering plants with bioclimatic function (11 trees and 40 creepers).

In the central courtyard, there is a phyto-water treatment plant that cleans gray water from showers, in order to reuse it to flush toilets. The tank, made with a sandstone vault, has a capacity of 17m³.