Project stage
During the works, the reuse of second hand woodwork from Formentera or Ibiza Deixalles Foundation will be explored. It has the advantage that there’s no pollution derivated from manufacturing.

Only those that are in good conditions and have a good quality will be selected. To determine the quality, a simple method is to measure the distance between the knots. The closer they are, the better the wood (the growth has been slower).  So, one of the advantages of using old joinery is that generally the wood had a natural growth with an appropriate proportion of heartwood and albumen, and the cutting and drying process was correct.

Other advantages of the wood are:

COMFORT: It has a very low thermal conductivity (between 0.11 and 0.2W/mk) which means that is a good insulation. Particularly when it is compared with aluminum (209.3-237) or steel (47-58).

HEALTH: It is perspirable and does not contain toxic elements. Unless it’s treated with toxic paints or autoclave.


0% recycled aluminum
20% recycled aluminum
Reused Wood
MJ / kg
kgCO2 / kg

The treatment will be preferably performed by ecological lasur free polyurethane avoiding glazes and paints. It’s also possible to use green paints with European Ecolabel, ARGE KdR or Der blau engel label.

On the other hand, proper design requires selecting a suitable timber for use. For exterior use, we can choose FSC/PEFC larch or thermo- treated wood or reuse old woodwork. Furthermore, it is essential to design some rain protection (eaves, porches, etc.).
The blinds should be set without frame with a minimum separation of 0.5-1 cm between the wall and the wood work.

It is recommended to include a clause at the Working Project indicating that the Project Manager may request the change of the woodworking joinery described on the project by second hand ones, always with the approval of the Project Manager.

Works stage
Finally, there is no second hand wooden joinery available at Formentera landfill or Ibiza Deixalles Foundation.
Since the carpenter chosen by Ferrovial Agroman is from Mallorca, we’ve decided to check the Deixalles warehouses at Palma and Felanitx (both in Mallorca), where we’ve found more than 50 doors and windows ready to be used at the dwellings.
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Summary of conclusions:

  1. The larch wood selected by the project offers the best durability, so we strongly recommend to use it for the outdoor sun-shades and windows which require low emissivity glass in order to achieve a very low heat transfer coefficient U = 1.00.
  1. In case of having old windows (for example, rehabilitation works), the more environmentally friendly option is “tuning” the old woodwork windows and placing new sealing gaskets. If you have to buy the former for outdoor use, the cost is excessive.
  1. We recommend using used joinery for interior woodwork. This is the option we have chosen in this project.

In order to success in reusing, a good selection of wood must be performed, avoiding those ones who present a high woodworm attack or insect attack because it can spread to the rest of the house.

Also, the following advices should be considered:

  1. Adapting the size of the door or window to the reused available one cheapens the process, so we recommend selecting the woodwork before the construction of the walls.
  1. In case that is not possible, it is easy and cheap enlarge by a board (width or height), or cut preserving the nerves.
  1. A sliding door does not have to take the size of the hole, so that ultimately it is adaptable to almost any undersize hole. Any hinged door is likely to be reused as sliding.


Declaration of benefits
PEFC Certificate

BAUCENT Lasure Natural Data sheet
Cold white glue data sheet
Protective treatment of open-pore wood
Alerce data sheet
License to use the PEFC trademark 1
License to use the PEFC trademark 2