Carbon footprint measurement 

Calculation of CO2 emissions from the constructive solutions            

Embodied carbon footprint will be measured during the execution of the prototype works as an indicator of pollution associated to the building construction.

The goal is to reduce by 50 % the standard emissions, according to the calculation of the environmental consulting Societat Orgànica. The total floor area, which is 1.114,52m², establishes the limit of emissions in 334.356 kgCO₂.

BEDEC database from ITEC and studies developed by Organica Societat Environmental Consulting SL, dated from 2010, will be used as a reference for measurement. For those materials not available in the databases, the studies will be carried out checking public and commercial data from Life Cycle Analysis (as ELCD, Ecoinvent, GaBi, etc.), Environmental Product Declarations and Sector Life Cycle Studies in order to get their primary energy consumption and global warming potential.

Link to ITEC database


CO2 comparison
Material CO2 emissions in a conventional building
Material CO2 emissions in the Life Reusing Posidonia prototype