In European countries of the Mediterranean region                

May 1st, 2017.
Contact us if you want exhibition visit your city.

The exhibition will stay at least in the following locations:
-Espai Sostenible Francesc Quetglas, Palma de Mallorca.
-Balearic Islands University (UIB), Palma de Mallorca.
-City Council of Sant Francesc, Formentera.
-Ibiza (place to be determined).
-Barcelona (place to be determined).
-Madrid (place to be determined).
-European location, on request, from the following list:
· SPAIN (especially Andalusia, Catalonia, Melilla, Murcia and Valencia)
· FRANCE (especially CORSICA, Marseille, Nice and Perpignan)
· Greece (especially Athens, Crete, and THESSALONIKI)
· Italy (especially SARDINIA, NAPLES, ROME)
· Other countries from the former Yugoslavia, in contact with the Mediterranean Sea, in anticipation of future accession to EU